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CSE-400-DIG | Payment Drop Box Drive-up In Ground

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    CLOSED cover to go over the snorkle slot.
    Ocean Front Finish powder coat salt resistant finish, for each cabinet, pedestal, or pair of protector posts. (If you choose this option, you cannot choose the Powder Coat Entire Cabinet option.)
    Powder Coat the entire cabinet one color.
    Extra set of keys for your access door.
    Add an envelope holder

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    • Model 400
      • Cap and Cabinet is 12 x 8 x 20 inches tall
      • Capacity: 100+ Payments
      • Stainless Steel finished back panel
      • Piano hinged door
      • Brass works lock
      • (2) double-bitted keys
      • Strong cam
      • Lock cover
      • Floor liner - keeps payments off the bottom of the unit
      • Rainshield (installed above payment slot)
      • (3) black signs: "PLACE PAYMENTS HERE", "DO NOT USE CASH" and "THANK YOU"
      • Cabinet: 16 gauge .06” Stainless Steel
      • Door: 14 gauge .075” Stainless Steel
    • 57 inch In-Ground Stainless Steel Pedestal
      • Thick walled 4 x 4 stainless steel post continuously welded to heavy top plate
      • (4) .5 inch stainless steel carriage fasteners for attaching to security cabinet
    • 54 inch Stainless Steel Protector Posts, one pair
      • One pair - 3.5 inch OD, black vinyl striping
    • Sign: "PAYMENT DROP"
      • Black vinyl block lettering attached to each side of cabinet
    • Snorkel Slot Payment Entry Panel
      • Installed on access door side