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Covenant Security Equipment supplies architects, builders and business owners with products that keep employees and customers safe. We specialize in bulletproof wall panels, fireproof safes, secure and bulletproof windows, doors, walk up or drive up payment drop boxes and more. Search or browse our extensive selection of products, or call us for a custom quote at 1-866-286-4400.

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About Covenant Security Equipment

Security Equipment has been our core business for over 15 years. Our customer base extends to banks, hotels, hospitals, national and local government agences, convenience stores, restaurants and more. Common applications for our products are bulletproof bank teller windows, intercom communication systems, pharmacy windows and wall pass throughs, and bulletproof wall panels that are useful in many different government and commercial applications.

Each manufacturer that we represent is screened for product quality, timeliness and reliability of production, and support. How do you balance security with customer convenience? How do you protect your employees while still remaining accessible? These are common issues that we all face. Covenant Security Equipment can offer you the most complete equipment packages available from a single source.


"Thank you so very much! You have been the best company I have dealt with yet (which have been a few) thanks again!"

Jaqueline, Pepsi Beverages Company

Thank you for getting such long lead items to us within days. You ensured that we maintained schedule and put our urgency at the front of the line with us knowing we are not your only customer nor anywhere near your largest. So thank you, again, we are couldn’t say thank you enough!

Heather Hardin, Jackbuilt

"We just recently installed our large safe and teller pedestals at our new office. They look really great! Thank you so much for your assistance."

Susan, Florida Hospital Credit Union


The Pickup Window

The introduction of mobile ordering and delivery services has accelerated the number of convenient options available for customers. Restaurant specific apps as well as apps like DoorDash or Grubhub are making it easier than ever to get food on the...

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No Contact Customer Delivery

Customers are concerned about protection from COVID-19 infection.  They insist on secure, convenient, and safe transactions and delivery.  However, more than just customers are affected; employees have the same concerns.  During this pandemic crisis, retail establishments must consider their employees’...

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Protecting Against Restaurant Violence

Two diners entered a McDonald’s restaurant in Oklahoma and placed an order.  In violation of store policy, they attempted to sit down in the closed dining area. After being asked to leave, one of the diners produced a weapon and...

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